Over 2500 works of contemporary painting and graphics from approximately 270 Austrian and international artists belong to STRABAG Artcollection, one of the most important private collections in Austria. Starting in 2009, the collection - in connection with the STRABAG Artaward International - is being extended with works of international artists from Eastern Europe as well as some sculptures.
Exposure to art opens up new aspects, values and emotions; this mental openness is also reflected in the transparency of the company’s architecture. The works are shown at the offices and headquarters with an emphasis on Spittal/Drau and the STRABAG Haus, Vienna. The collection is constantly growing with works of artists from all generations.
The identification of the employees with “their” pictures contributes to an atmosphere of inspiration and increased attention to their own surroundings. Many employees discovered their enthusiasm for art and began to assemble their own small collections. The STRABAG Kunstforum team supports them in this with advice.

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