Hall Rental

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Gironcoli- Kristall STRABAG Haus
Donau-City-Straße 9
1220 Vienna

Guided tours by appointment:
Monday - Thursday 10:00-17:00,
Friday. 9:00-12:00
Strabag Kunstforum: Tanja Skorepa
tel: +43 (0)1 / 22422 – 1848
Email: kunstforum@strabag.com

Information on rental:
STRABAG Real Estate Management
Doris Malik, Tel: 01/22422-1039
E-mail: doris.malik@bauholding.com

Hall Rental

The art and event hall Gironcoli-Kristall establishes the setting for unique company events, for presentations, conferences, symposia and festivities in a superior ambience.

The wide plaza in front of the Gironcoli-Kristall can be used as an extension. The Gironcoli-Kristall combines multifunctional atmosphere with art appreciation and modern technical equipment – a magic place of economic importance at Donau City, Vienna.

Kristall: 600 m², gallery: 270 m², entrance area
270m², plaza: 1200 m² for outside events;
300 persons, with seating: max. 300 persons, seated meal: max.150 persons
Technical equipment:
modern light and sound projection equipment, secondary rooms, very good acoustics.

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