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The artistic universe of Bruno Gironcoli

Influenced by Existentialism and Alberto Giacometti in Paris, Gironcoli worked in his early times on figurative solutions, using a reduced formal language. In the sixties he produced nude-scetches, sculptures of wire and his first abtract objects of polyester (heads). The early objects were installed as environments or in show-cases. From the nineties on, Gironcoli worked on sculptures made of polyester, combining figurative and technical parts.

Nine of these polyester sculptures are shown as works on loan in the only museal presentation at Gironcoli - Kristall Vienna. These prototypes in silver and bronce are made of plaster, polyester and metall parts.The often untitled organic-mechanical artworks were exhibited at MAK Vienna in 1997 in the exhibition "The Unborn". Three bronce and aluminium casting, among them the nine meter main work "Big Skulpture" are part of STRABAG Artcollection, situated at the plaza infront of the STRABAG Building Vienna. Many motives of the sculptures are reflected in mixed media, paperworks and grafic series of Bruno Gironcoli in different variations - as interaction of an artistic spectrum.

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