Ma facon de découvrir

Au supermarché; Öl, Kohle auf Leinwand, oil, coal on canvas, 164x191 cm, 2011

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Kim Corbisier
Ma facon de découvrir

The complex view of things in the world is expressed in Kim Corbisier's pictures, photos and videos as well as in her appearances as an amateur actress (she was the protagonist in Gyorgy Palfi's award-winning film “I am not your friend” from 2009). In recent years, Kim Corbisier has painted urban themes, short stories and everyday situations photographed on her travels. She does not paint idyllic, perfect scenes or friction-free human relationships, rather she wants to show the monotony of everyday life, the lack of compassion and interest as well as the sidelined, alienated, lonely people. The great dynamism of her oil-based works is mainly due to her delicate, sketchy style of painting and the fine watercolor effect.

Opening: October 20, 2011, 6:30 p.m.
Welcome: Mag. Manfred Rosenauer, Member of the Management Board STRABAG AG
About the work: Dávid Fehér, art historian, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

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1985 Belgien - 2012 Budapest
2000-2004 Szechenyi Istvan High School, Dunaujvaros
2004-2005 Eotvos Lorand University, French studies, Budapest
2005-2010 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Prof. Andras Halasz, Budapest
2008 Fundamenta - Amadeus Artist Prize, Budapest, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Barcsai Terem, Amadeus Scholarship, Erasmus Scholarship, Marseilles
2010 Kogart FRESH, Diploma Prize, KOGART Gallery,Budapest


Observer, Inda Gallery, Budapest, H
FRESH, KOGART Gallery, Budapest, H

Affections, Lena&Roselli Gallery, Budapest, H
Parallels, Lena&Roselli Gallery, Budapest, H
Versus, Inda Gallery, Budapest, H
Best of Diploma 2010, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, H
Relations, Gallery of Szekesfehervar, H

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, H
Mucius Galéria, Budapest

FRESH, KOGART Gallery, Budapest, H
Apropodium Gallery, Budapest, H
Studio of Young Artists, Studio Gallery, Budapest, H
Holdudvar Gallery, Budapest, H
Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Amadeus Scholarship, Budapest, H

Hungarian Museum of Transportation, Budapest, H
Ferrari Competition, Turin, I

MAMU Gallery, Budapest, H
Hotel Corinthia, Budapest, H

Dali Art Cafe, Dunaujvaros, H
Szivacs Gallery, Dunaujvaros, H