Emilie Terlinden


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Emilie Terlinden is a visual artist born in Belgium in 1983, currently living and working in Brussels. She moved to Berlin from 2010 to 2012, and has been studying at the painting department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels since 2013. Emilie’s work questions our relationship to images, with painting as the key driver of her research. Her works are based on collages, parts of an image transposed into another. The image fragments are collected from a vast exploration of the internet, of books, plays, old advertisements, magazines, records, as well as personal and collected photographs. These are all the sources of her visual field. The coexistence of diverse images within one same work generates a plurality of narrative sense which gives great freedom of interpretation. Beyond the dialogue between the source images, Emile strives to establish a new universe, a particular atmosphere and environment where these elements are rendered complementary and inseparable. The drafting of titles follows the same process as the pictorial realization, as a collection of words recovered from various texts, novels and articles feeds into the construction of a sentence referring to each of the paintings.