Rosa Everts

Unknown content 2 2016 Rosa Everts

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2005-2009 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Academie Minerva, Groningen Bio Newspaper items that remain unread because they are covered with everyday stuff, show that whatever happens in the outside world, peoples main concern will always be about their own everyday life. This particular work shows a fragment of a Dutch newspaper from the day after Donald Trump was elected president. ('The newspaper series' 2016). Stripped homes, containing just the boxes with packed belongings, that no longer tell us anything about the identity of the former residents ('Unknown content', 2016). The worktop of the artist on which the white sheet of paper is surrounded by pencils, candy wrappers, scraps, erasers and other debris, but remains studiously blank ('Blank', 2016). The drawings of Rosa Everts give away few hints. There are only small scraps of information to see, the real subject often remains out of view. However, a larger story is hidden behind the apparently empty-looking images. These works ask for the studious attention of the spectator. Not only because of the intellectual content, but also because of the actual physical layering in the work, that consists of a combination of photographs, drawing and collage, but sometimes can take it’s shape in an installation.