Anna Khodorkovskaya, Bye, Bye, Aktionen!, Acryl und Papier auf Leinwand, 2014

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Anna Khodorkovskaya

The STRABAG Art Forum is pleased to cordially invite Anna Khodorkovskaya to the opening of the exhibition of the winner of the STRABAG Artaward International 2014.

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015, 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Art lounge in the STRABAG house
Donau-City-Strasse 9, 1220 Vienna

Welcome: Heribert Herzog, SBS Strabag Bau Holding Service GmbH
About the exhibition: Andreas Spiegl, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

From trashy advertising material, only fragments of perception can be found as fragments and traces on the unprimed canvases. As a template, scraps of paper from advertising brochures are used, which are painted and processed into abstract images. In addition, the artist is showing for the first time, in stark contrast to the pictures, which with a lot of space and gaps seem like sentences with broad dashes, strongly condensed small sculptures. These are composed of all kinds of small toy parts and act like a compressed representation of the abundance of our society. Anna Khodorkovskaya, who was awarded the STRABAG Artaward International in 2014, also deals with numerous projects in the field of intermedia outside of her work as a painter, which are located at the interface between everyday aesthetics and advertising.

Duration of the exhibition: 23.01. - 02/20/2015



1985: geboren in Moskau, RUS / born in Moscow, RUS
2003 – 2008: Moscow State University of Printing Arts, Moscow, RUS
2009 – 2010: Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow, RUS
seit 2011: Klasse für Abstrakte Malerei bei Erwin Bohatsch, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
lebt und arbeitet in Wien, A / lives and works in Vienna, A

Exhibitions (selection)

first emerald, then sapphire, then black, Semperdepot, Wien, AWiener Wunderkammer 2014, TU Wien, A
Art Stream Shop @ UBIK, UBIK, Wien
ASAY IT. RU> vol. 2, Wien, A

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V_kunst festival, Frankfurt am Main, D
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Werk im Werk VI, AU Gallery, Wien, A
Gute Aussichten, Gaudens Pedit Galerie, Lienz, A

Jedes Stück 1,– Euro, Aacollections Gallery, Wien, A *
Are you a legitimate artist?, Friday Exit space, Wien, 
Barbarians, Moscow Biennale of Young Art, Moskva, RUS

Ideographics, Spider & Mouse Art Space, Moskva, RUS
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* Einzelausstellung / Solo show