Magnetic Fields

Markus Saile, ohne Titel, 2019, Öl auf Holz, 33 x 39 x cm (Detail), Courtesy the Artist und Galerie Markus Lüttgen, Düsseldorf

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Markus Saile
Magnetic Fields

After a two-month break due to COVID-19, we are particularly pleased to be able to show the exhibition “Magnetic Fields” by Markus Saile in the STRABAG Artlounge and to welcome you again.

Visiting the exhibition is possible with advance notice at during office opening hours (Mon-Thu: 9 am-5pm, Fri: 9 am-12pm) while observing the safety measures (face mask, minimum distance).
Please note that the exhibition cannot be visited on public holidays, bank days and weekends.

Markus Saile works with rhythms and relationships that arise in the image field, between the works on the wall and in relation to the spatial-architectural situation. In addition to the individual images, in which glazed areas of color and set gestures are superimposed, their installation hanging plays an important role.
The exhibition title Magnetic Fields refers to the forces of push and pull that arise in this way. For part of the work, Saile uses magnetic foil, a new material that is unfamiliar in painting practice, which is industrially manufactured and, thanks to its coating, already has a kind of white primer on which the paint can be applied directly. Due to its magnetic attraction and flexibility, it can form a direct relationship with the metal elements of architecture, such as pillars or window frames. By including these curatorial “non-places”, the specific features of the architecture are made visible. In this way, Saile stages a viewing situation that connects the exhibition structure with the outside space of the city of Vienna via the large windows.

Markus Saile on video

Duration of the exhibition: May 18 - July 2, 2020