Sophie Gogl, Skizze, 2020, Brandloch in Recyclingpapier liniert, Acrylfarbe, 29,7 x 21 cm

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Sophie Gogl

STRABAG Kunstforum is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Sophie Gogl, the winner of a recognition prize of STRABAG Artaward International 2020.

25.03.2021, 6 p.m.
via STRABAG Kunstforum's YouTube Channel

For a long time, creating images was the uncontested prerogative of painting. Today painting must compete with a plethora of other media for this rendering of perception and reality production. Never before has it been easier, and therefore at the same time harder, to produce an image than it is today. Sophie Gogl finds most of her source material online, although she usually refers to motifs from film, advertising and the media, and to pictographs and memes rather than to historical painting. She is less concerned with the motifs themselves than with the mechanisms of their emergence and dissipation in the data feed.
Her approach is as virtuosic in her versatile adoption of different painting styles and genres, as it is laissez faire in its appetite for trash. The economy of her paintings involves both an identification with her work and a certain distancing. She invests only that which is necessary to make the painting look good, as if the painting were a new outfit for a grand appearance, an ensemble that you can easily slip out of again. The fleeting execution and signs of dissolution that we attribute to art these days does not imply a loss of quality, but rather a keen receptivity to absorb other forms and images, as it were, and allow them to flow through you. Anette Freudenberger

Sophie Gogl on video

Duration of the exhibition: 26.03.–16.04.2021

exhibtion video

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to visit the exhibition due to the COVID-19 prevention measures.
Information on visiting the exhibition will be updated here on an ongoing basis.