Feine Salonkunst für das bürgerliche Wohnzimmer

Peter Pongratz, Stillleben, 2020, Acryl auf Leinwand, 190 x 240 cm, Foto: Elisabeth Blanke

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Peter Pongratz
Feine Salonkunst für das bürgerliche Wohnzimmer

STRABAG Kunstforum is pleased to invite you and your friends to the exhibition Feine Salonkunst für das bürgerliche Wohnzimmer by Peter Pongratz.

Peter Pongratz is a lateral thinker who has always consciously adopted an anti-academic stance, he resists both a purely gestural-formal approach and informal-abstract practice. The artist is much more interested in forms of expression that extend beyond the classical understanding of art. As a co-founder of the artist group "Wirklichkeiten", his work is characterised by a satirical and socially critical approach. In his quest for authenticity in art, he draws inspiration from Art Brut, children's drawings and non-Western art. The artist aptly describes his paintings as "snapshots from my inner river, that does not exactly flow calmly along". Emotion and fantasy are the hallmarks of his artistic work.

The exhibition is part of the STRABAG Artlounge Special series, which presents long-standing artists from the STRABAG Artcollection. The artist Peter Pongatz (Eisenstadt 1940) is represented with numerous works on canvas and paper from over five decades.

Duration of the exhibition: 13.09.–08.10.2021

Artlounge at STRABAG Haus
Donau-City-Straße 9, 1220 Vienna

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