Roots of Invisible Entities

Jósefina Alanko, Roots of Invisible Entities, STRABAG Artlounge, 2024, Foto: Rudi Froese

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Jósefina Alanko
Roots of Invisible Entities

STRABAG Kunstforum is pleased to invite you to the exhibition Roots of Invisible Entities by JÓSEFINA ALANKO.

Thursday, 11.1.2024, 6–9 p.m.

6.30 p.m.
Klemens Haselsteiner, CEO STRABAG SE
Anna Salovaara, Minister-Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission, Ambassay of Finland, Vienna

Vít Havránek
Vice-Rector for International Relations, Academy of Fine Arts, Prague
Jury Member STRABAG Artaward International 

In her works, Jósefina Alanko, an artist of Finnish origin, delves into her country's matriarchal roots. The incorporation of female symbols in her art transcends mere sexualization or autobiographical elements, aiming for a universal language that taps into a broader, perhaps archetypal realm of feminine nurturing and motherhood. Not confined to specific mythologies or scientific explorations, Alanko's inspiration emanates from spiritual channels, memories, and the activation of cultural 'DNA memory'.
Furthermore Jósefina Alanko weaves these inspirations into her artistic practice by incorporating ceramics, expanded acrylic painting, natural canvases, textiles, glue, sand, etc. into her works. Alanko draws on the potential for an infinite variety of organic forms. The canvas features pockets or pouch-like structures, sewn intricately, emerging as sculptural elements that extend beyond or retreat behind the surface. This dynamic interplay between three-dimensionality and painterly finesse adds a captivating depth to her creations.
Jósefina Alanko works on her paintings in Austria, does ceramics in Poland, and draws inspiration for her art philosophy from Finland. As her paintings grow beyond the canvas, eagerly awaiting further expansion, her ceramics stand poised to grow and enrich her abstract system of signs.
Vít Havránek


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Jósefina Alanko on video