Society, Utopie und Stilleben

Fallendes Stillleben, Collagem 2009

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Svätopluk Mikyta
Society, Utopie und Stilleben

In his works, Mikyta refers to the political iconography of socialist mass movements and to the nationalist and religious symbols of Eastern Europe. With superimposed drawings and collage-like alienations, he "doubles" her seductive aesthetics and illustrates the political manipulation of images, the effect of which we can still feel today. His interventions with a pen or often with red paint are sometimes barely noticeable, sometimes so sophisticated that the composition and motif disappear and something completely new emerges. The artist prefers to create entire work cycles that are to be hung up as a group and evoke historical and personal associations with their open interrelationships.

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1973 geboren in Cadca, Sk
1992-95 VŠVU Academy of Fine Arts, Prof. V. Kolencik, Bratislava, Sk
1996 Stipendium Kunstlerwege, Staatl. Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart, D
1999-00 VŠVU Academy of Fine Arts, ceramics, Prof. Vidrova-Langerova, Bratislava, Sk
2000-01 Assistent, VŠVU Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, Sk
2001-02 DAAD-Stipendium an der HDK, Berlin, D
2003-04 Assistent, Academy of Fine Arts, Banska Bystrica, Sk
2003- Assistent, VŠVU Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, Sk
2006 PROGR_artist in residence program, Bern, Ch
2008 Oskar Cepan Award, prize winner, Tatransky Tiger Award, SK
2009 Scholarship ISCP, New York, USA
Lebt und arbeitet in Prag, Cz, Ilija und Bratislava, Sk


Reworking Memories, Schiavo Mazzoni Gallery, Rom

A Complicated Relation, part II“, Kunstmuseum Kalmar, SE
Barricade of Dreams, Trafó Galeria, Budapest (HU)
Mapy/Maps, Bratislava City Gallery – Mirbach Palace, Bratislava, SK
Volta 7 Basel, Solostand Emmanuel Walderdorf Galerie, Basel, CH
Passion of an ornithologist/ On myth making, BWA Sokol Gallery of Contemorary Art,
Nowy Sacz, PL
Young European Landscape, Collegium Hungaricum CHB, Berlin
Flashbulb Memory“, Stúdió Galéria, Budapest, HU

Unmitte, Galerie Dana Charkasi, Wien, A
Formats of Transformation 89-09“, MUSA museum, Vienna A
Visit, Zpaf-i-Ska Gallery, Krakow, Pl
Dieffenbachia Rex, SZARA Gallery, Cziesyn, Pl
Multiple choices, Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Koln, D
There Has Been No Future, There Will Be No Past, ISCP, NY, USA
Nenapadne medium, East-Slovakian Gallery, Kosice, Sk

Dirty Memories, Kabinet Gallery, Brno, Cz
NatureHumanCity, Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Köln, D
Ungewohnliche Moglichkeiten, Galerie Annex 14, Bern, Ch
Contemporary drawing Košice-Praha-Budapest, Kasarne Kulturpark, Kosice, Sk
2008 Dirty Wall 2008, Brno House of Arts, Brno, Cz
Nothing more than Nation, Open Gallery, Bratislava, Sk
Slovak Image (Anti-image), Prague Castle, Praha, Cz
Oskar Cepan Award, Finalists, Galeria Medium, Bratislava, Sk
Rez a Ry!, City Gallery, Bratislava, Sk

Tristo hrmenych, Galeria Medium, Bratislava, Sk
Politische Ikonografie, Galerie Jette Rudolph, Berlin, D
(ne) MOC/(sub)DOMINANCIA, State Gallery, Banska Bystrica, Sk
Slovak Myth, Moravian Gallery, Brno, Cz

33, Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Köln, D
Autopoesis, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, Sk
Les beaux ideals, Synagoga - Centre of Contemporary Art, GJK, Trnava, Sk
Man, hero, spirit, machine, Galeria Medium, Bratislava, Sk
22 minutes and 50.28 seconds, Gallery Art Factory, Praha, Cz

2005 Mikyten, Kunstlertreff, Stuttgart, D
Home sweet home, Artoteka Gallery, Bratislava, Sk
Attempt at Selfportrait, Nova Gallery, Bratislava, Sk
Slovak Myth, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, Sk

Dies Natalis, mit/with Johannes Schlichting
State Gallery Banska Bystrica, Sk
Geheimnis und Wahrheit, Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Köln, D
Desorientation, Globe Gallery, Newcastle, GB

Oskar Cepan Prize, City Gallery, Bratislava, Sk

Gallery Walderdorff