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Zsolt Tibor
Geprüft und erwogen

In a fragmented world, where global issues meet with local problems, human existence is faced with a new vision. The circumstances in which we have to live are drawing a very different picture of the world from the one in which we were socialized. In such a situation the artist has to play a different role from the one played in the past, depicting this kaleidoscope of our world at many levels.

Zsolt Tibor is essentially a drawer, photographer and installation artist and uses the materials and the wall as the basis of his artistic expression to collect real and abstract motifs on a surface where the borders of his works never stop at the edges of the art piece. In his mind, art and reality have the same root which has to be explored. Our understanding can be compared to seeing: we notice elements of the globalized world and we put them together at the level of our intelligence. In Zsolt Tibor’s art as well we try to describe the elements of his pieces and their position on the exhibition surface, and from this experience understand his universe which reflects in its details the fragmentation and complexity of our existence. Zsolt Petrányi, Director Mücsarnok, Budapest

In addition to the drawings and pictures that I have made mainly on paper, on which I am continuously working, I am looking for the possibility of creating larger (intermedia) complex objects. Based on this, I study various phenomena such as visual and mental habits, layers or, for example, the mechanism of appropriation. Through the interaction of the elements and through this "setting in scene" I research their possible analysis.
At work I use photos, conventional techniques, but also projections and various means such as lenses, condensers, adhesive strips.
Although the installations are independent of one another, they contain several aspects that build on one another. I try to deal with it every day as well as with the photos assigned to them, sometimes only used as a starting point, which I take in parallel.
Zsolt Tibor, Künstler

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1973 born in Budapest, H
1995-2002 MKE / Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, H
1997 Scholarship Soros Foundation Hungary,
1998-1999 Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Seville, E
2001 Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Castilla-La Mancha, E
Erasmus grant
2007 Budapest Gallery, Derkovits Prize grant
2006 Herczeg Klára Prize
2008 artist-in-residence, Krems, A
Lives and works in Budapest, H

Exhibitions (selection)

Ausstellung mit Zsolt Asztalos, Viltin Galerie, Budapest, H 
Papíralap, Irokéz Collection, Szombathely, H

Drawings, Ungarisches Kulturinstitut, Bratislava, SK
Countdown, Ungarisches Kultur- und Informationszentum, Stuttgart, D
Lenmechanika, Ernst Museum, Budpest, H
Gewinner des Derkovits Preises, Ernst Museum, Budapest, H
Without borders, Limes Galerie, Komarno, SK
Genezis, Viltin Galerie, Budapest, H

Ausstellung mit Tamás Szikora Carmina nr. 2, Stúdió Galerie, Budapest, H 
Memo and Sketch Moleskine, Stúdió Galerie, Budapest, H

Material, Stúdió Galerie, Budapest, H
Private Matter, Kunsthalle Budapest, H
Carmina, literary anthology, Sevilla, E
Field Exercises, Irokéz Collection, Szombathely, H
Hermetic Horizon, A.P.A.