Richtung Ost, Öl auf Holz, 131x110cm, 2008 Foto: Reklame Kontor Franc

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Nieves Salzmann

The perspectives, the streets, the traces, the continuous lines that pull into the distance, which the observer mentally forms, fascinate my imagination. The peculiarities of these urban landscapes, the peripheral areas, the no man's land appeal to me. Likewise, the walking and the constant movement that you can feel in these unidentified spaces. They carry a strong story with them, which I try to transfer onto canvas, wood and Plexiglas.

In some works this movement also spreads to the wall, in space. This is how the two-dimensional work becomes three-dimensional. This creates a new movement that goes outside the frame and creates the extension of the picture. Nieves Salzmann


1976 born in Les Lilas, France
1995-97 studied literature and history, Sorbonne Paris
1997-2002 Academy of Fine Arts ENSBA, Paris
1999 course in the set design studio of the Comédie Francaise, Paris, set design and film assistant
2002 Diploma at the Ecole National Supérieur d´Art Plastique, DNSAP, Paris
2003 assistant in the studio for lithography Patrick Devreux, Academy of Fine Arts, Paris
Lives and works in Paris

Exhibition selection

Galerie Arcturus, Paris | Salon de Mai, Paris

Dérapage contrôlé, Galerie Arcturus, Paris, Salon de Mai,

Salon de Mai, Paris | Galerie Artmark, Wien

Point de Fuite, Galerie Arcturus, Paris Galerie in der
Schmiede, Pasching

Galerie Exner, Wien L‘Atelier du Bout de l‘Allée, Ivry-sur
Biennale von Nîmes, Frankreich

L‘Atelier du Bout de l‘Allée, Ivry-sur-Seine Emergences,
Vanves, Paris

Graphica Creativa 02´; Triennale, Finnland Biennale von
Nimes, Hotel Imperator

Galerie Weiler, Paris


Awards, grants

2001 Second prize for painting, André et Berthes Noufflard
Nomination, Prize Novembre à Vitry
First prize for etching, Prix Michel Ciry

Nieves Salzmann occupies a very picturesque position among the winners. She is primarily committed to the landscape. With open brushstrokes and impasto application of paint, she composes strictly ordered landscape systems. The organic natural structures become dynamically aligned strip segments that are filled with pure painting. Their color spectrum can be found in the dark broken brown and green. Florian Steininger, Bank Austria Kunstforum