Malerei und Zeichnung

Kanal 7 2007 Oel auf Leinwand 180 240 cm

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Eduard Angeli
Malerei und Zeichnung

The STRABAG Kunstforum is pleased to invite you to the opening of Eduard Angeli's exhibition.

Eduard Angeli's pictures exude calm, silence and melancholy. The artist's retrospective, shown in the STRABAG Artlounge, brings together works from various creative periods in which the longing for order and loneliness is the theme. In addition to Vienna, where Angeli was born in 1942 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, he was inspired by his other places of residence in Istanbul, St. Petersburg and finally Venice, where the artist now spends most of the year. As historically very important cities of former empires they are united by the loss of their importance and their decay. The empty buildings in Angeli's works appear like backward, stripped clothes, this impression is reinforced by the symbolic power of the sea and lagoon.

In the motifs used, the artist transforms, moving away from the depiction of reality, through concentration and monumentality, landscapes such as views of the city, the loneliness and silence of people. In the reduction of the motifs, a reduction in color develops in parallel in the pictures, which are mostly made with oil or charcoal on rough canvas. Immerse yourself with us in this world which, as Eduard Angeli thinks, may not make the world better, but us!

Welcome 6:30 p.m .: Dr. Hans-Peter Haselsteiner
About the exhibition: Prof. Dr. Klaus Albrecht Schröder, Director of the Albertina, Vienna

Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Art lounge in the STRABAG house
Donau-City-Straße 9, 1220 Vienna

Exhibition duration: 13.09. - 06.10.2017

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