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Anselm Glück
Gemeinsam üben

Anselm Glück invents the world with large and small brushstrokes, creates a human universe with which he accomplishes and demonstrates his discovery of the world. And because his latest work is also very poetic, he continues to develop a poetic parallel universe of guards and sentences which, disguised as a picture title, open up a further, integrative opportunity for the viewer to initiate.
Perhaps it is appropriate to speak of a masquerade, of a world theater, where we viewers can penetrate the artist's “stage sets” through the play of looks. The scenery of colors, lines, surfaces and figurative head elements opens up a magical range of yearning, joy, happiness, but also melancholy, pain and sadness. The faces that look at and see us are distant echoes from soul spaces of loneliness and at the same time also world abundance, from despair and world urge, they are "sensations, wounds, pain-absorbing containers", as Kristian Sotriffer once aptly put it in an earlier catalog.
Perhaps we should see these heads and faces less as something that represents itself than as something that wants to absorb us as viewers. Anselm Glück's pictures are not just showrooms, but also visually immaterial rooms, places where you can take pictures; precisely because he makes the picture formats as large as possible, as if he wanted to cover reality for us so that we can uncover other realities (within us). CarI Aigner

Anselm Glück, born in Linz in 1950, has been a painter, writer and graphic artist in Vienna since 1978. In his books and works, absurdity, ambiguity and existential questions are reflected in witty-ironic puns. The STRABAG ART COLLECTION contains thirty works from all periods of his creativity.

The Strabag Art Forum is pleased to open the exhibition
from Anselm Glück to invite you cordially.

Thursday 07.10.1010, 6:30 p.m.
Art lounge in the Strabag house
Donau-City-Strasse 9, 1220 Vienna

Welcome: Dr. Hans Peter Haselsteiner, CEO of Strabag SE
About the works: Prof. Peter Baum, founding director of the Lentos Art Museum, Linz

(only opposites contribute to the balance)

In the exhibition, the latest works (seven pictures against the direction of view),
Painted cubes (practice together) and the resulting cube editions are presented.

Duration of the exhibition: October 8th, 2010 - November 5th, 2010

(happiness makes looking more beautiful)


Born in Linz in 1950.
Lives as a freelance painter and writer in Vienna since 1978.

Exhibitions (selection)

the good news, the good messenger, the beautiful way
Gallery Kovacek & Zetter, Vienna

to ride out the nightmare alone, Galerie Splitter Art, Vienna
Heads & Portraits. Galerie Frey Contemporary Art, Vienna
formulated. Convergences of writing and image in the artist's
Association MAERZ, Linz

Figure comparison. Gallery Eder, Linz

Anselm luck. Lucky dice. A pre-Christmas one
Art event. STRABAG Art Forum, Vienna
Stick figure. Gallery Eder, Linz
RED. Galerie Frey, Contemporary Art, Vienna

la ménagerie. Gallery H17, Vienna
In short. Grafenegg Castle, Grafenegg
contemporaneous. Gallery Eder, Linz

Anselm luck. Leonhard Gallery, Graz

Summer exhibition. Hohenlohe Gallery, Vienna
European Capital of Culture Organizations GmbH, Graz

Anselm luck. Hohenlohe Gallery, Vienna
Passionate about collecting. Examples from the Hellmut and Norli Czerny collection in the Neue Galerie Linz. New Gallery of the City of Linz, Linz
Anselm luck. the eyes follow the row. Weilinger Gallery, Salzburg
Anselm luck. Hohenlohe Gallery, Vienna

25 years of the "new" gallery Ariadne. Part 2. Ariadne Gallery, Vienna
Personal handwriting. Gallery Eder, Linz
Anselm luck. Gallery Thiele, Linz

Anselm luck. Happiness enhances viewing. Hohenlohe Gallery, Vienna
Upper Austria. Way of life. Gallery Eder, Linz
Works on paper. Hohenlohe Gallery, Vienna


Glück's works show the human universe in a unique, poetic visual language. Colorful heads, lines and fragments of figures appear playfully floating like in a world theater on the monochrome background. Ease, feelings such as lust for life, but also sadness and melancholy can be traced back to the difficult youth of the artist and the coping with them. When he was a child, Glück saw the heads he still paints in the foremen of old German boxes and in water-based paints.
“The faces that look at and see us are distant echoes from soul spaces of loneliness and at the same time also world abundance, from despair and world urge, they are sensations, wounds, pain-absorbing containers. Here we can develop new perspectives on his painting, insofar as he keeps bringing us back to the state of childhood with those moments of happiness that can arise because they make us timeless. Andreas Amrhein, Anselm Glück - The artist as geneticist

1999 "Our debt book is destroyed! Reconciled the whole world". Gallery Ariadne, Vienna
1 of 9. Art from Upper Austria. Museum on demand. Magistrate of the City of Vienna - Cultural Department, MA 7, Vienna / Austria - Museum on Demand, Vienna
The figure. Gallery Eder, Linz
Selected positions of Upper Austrian drawing. Gallery Pehböck, Perg
The art of the line - possibilities of the graphic. Landesgalerie Linz at the Upper Austrian State Museum, Linz
Lineaments International: From the line to the drawing. New Gallery of the City of Linz, Linz
Alpha.Emotion.Intuition. Galerie Lang Wien, Vienna
Group exhibition. Kalb Gallery, Vienna
anselm luck. i saw the world from inside Leonhard Gallery, Graz
1998 A celebration of drawing. Maerz Gallery, Linz
text work city. Muerz workshop in steirischer herbst 98. Kunsthaus Mürzzuschlag, Mürzzuschlag
The creation II. Gallery Ariadne, Vienna
The creation. Gallery Ariadne, Vienna
Anselm luck. Kalb Gallery, Vienna
20 years new Ariadne. Gallery Ariadne, Vienna
1995 Symposium for Contemporary Art Sigharting. Landesgalerie Linz at the Upper Austrian State Museum, Linz - Symposium for contemporary art Sigharting, Sigharting
1992 Kollerschlag workshop presented. Museum of Modern Art - Wörlen Foundation Passau 1992 painting. Gallery in the Stifterhaus, Linz / Austria - O.K Center for Contemporary Art, Linz
1990 Origin and Modernity, Upper Austria State Exhibition, New Gallery of the City of Linz, Linz
1989 Anselm F. Glück. New Gallery of the City of Linz, Linz


Prizes, awards (selection)

1985 State scholarship for literature from the Federal Ministry for Education and Art
1986 Promotion Prize of the City of Vienna for Literature
1988 Prize of the State of Carinthia at the Ingeborg Bachmann Competition
1996 State Culture Prize for Literature of the State of Upper Austria
1996 Literature Prize of the State of Styria
2004 Heimrad Bäcker Prize
2008 Prize of the Literature Houses

Numerous books and performances